Early Spring Garden Prep


Laurin Pause of the Arizona Master Gardener’s Speakers’ Group gave the  club with a very informative presentation on preparing the garden for success in spring.  Major topics included:

  1. Pruning Trees & Shrubs
  2. Preparing Soil
  3. Setting Up the Veggie Garden

Pruning takeaways: 

  1. Prune dormant plants
  2. Careful with conifers: they grow  from tips outward
  3. Don’t shear. Thin.
  4. Big branches: three step, outside collar
  5. Don’t seal.
  6. Never remove more than 30% of the canopy. 

Soil prep takeaways: 

  1. Test for and correct pH
  2. Don’t turn under old plant matter
  3. Add properly composted matter, which may include coffee grounds. 
  4. Mulch 1-2 months before planting
  5. Fertilize with a NP (K) fertilizer. 

Spring veggie takeaways:

  1. Be prepared to protect young plants from freezing: cold frames, tunnels, or floating row covers. 
  2. It can freeze as late as the middle of June.  Some years we can have no frost after the second week in April!
  3. Brassicas, leafy greens, onions, peas, and root veggies like it cold.