Gardening Resources

Gardening Resources

Prescott offers a number of challenges: brutally dry spring weather, late frosts, at least six kinds of animals that eat garden plants, thin soil, and sometimes, even, sunlight that is just too bright for plants.

Animals that eat plants here include desert rats, pocket gophers, squirrels, rabbits, javelina, and deer.  And all are voracious.  Most gardens exist only when special attentions have been given to excluding these animals, or when plants are selected that are found undesirable to them. 

Water can be a serious problem, especially in spring when we can go from the middle of January to the end of June without two inches of precipitation.

Unseasonably warm days in February and March can tempt plants out of dormancy in spring long before the last diurnal dip below freezing, typically in late April. New foliage, being more tender than old, perishes quickly.  

Here are some resources to help gardeners mange these issues:

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