Gardeners Day Out Plaza Gathering in October

In 2020 Gardeners Day Out required a make-over just like everything else in our lives.  At first it seemed that the club would not be able to have any “Day Outs” but with time we have started to adapt to a new way of getting together.  With that in mind and cooler temperatures the Day Out Team recommended a social gathering at the downtown plaza.  

So on October 13 we gathered for the first time since February.  Twenty-one members brought their munchies and chairs and we spread out on the beautiful grass carpet and in the shade of the plazas huge trees.  Everyone was excited to just see each other in person let alone and spend some time together.  Lots of catching up was going on amongst the attendees and then Nicki suggested each person share what they were most thankful for during the past few months.  

Of course, there was lots of thankfulness for our gardens since they helped to while away the time and everyone was thankful for their family’s health and livelihoods.   And how lucky are we to have technology like Zoom for our meetings and various entertainments.

Graciously, Karen passed out some delicious cookies and lemon bars in individual containers that I now call my October 2020 GDO Memorial Container.  A perfect addition to our personal munchies.   Also, members brought food and sock donations to start off our Holiday Donation  Drive 

In all, it was a wonderful afternoon spent with good friends in a social distancing manner.  The Gardeners Day Out Team is hoping to set up some additional events in the next few months.  We look forward to seeing everyone  who feels comfortable attending .