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Central Highlands of Arizona Master Naturalist Certification Program

The Central Highlands Master Naturalist Program is a leadership development certification course designed to supplement natural and cultural history training, docent programs, and volunteer service opportunities available in communities across the state. This course includes an overview of scientific concepts, natural history in the Central Highlands of Arizona and best practices related to local volunteer opportunities. Completing this course results in statewide certification.

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The Highlands offer classes that explore local flora, fauna and geology.  Interactive and experiential the classes get you out in the beautiful Prescott National Forest.

As you walk the paths of the 80 acre campus, you’ll learn about geology,, wildlife, and edible and medicinal plants. In addition, part of each class will discuss the nine lifestyle habits that have been statistically supported to lengthen and enrich life. Attendees will be provided time to connect with each other as well as time for solitude and meditation. Classes

Volunteer Opportunities

The Highlands Center for Natural History needs your help to continue the work of providing quality outdoor science education to the Prescott community. Volunteers go above and beyond to bring enthusiasm, energy, and time to enhance our community. Highlands Center volunteers assist with every facet of the organization from programming to staff support to maintaining our facilities. Volunteers are the foundation of the Center’s excellence; the program relies heavily on volunteers’ life skills and time to maintain the Center’s sterling reputation and to provide a unique and valuable servic

  • General care
    • Sweep/blow off pathways
    • Remove/rake pinecones, etc.

Related Opportunities:

  • Phenology Trail Rejuvenation and Monitoring
    • Re-establish a Phenology trail on the trails of HCNH
    • Monitor weekly and contribute findings to state-wide Phenology network via Nature’s Notebook app
  • Walnut Meadows Restoration Project
    • Work on special projects in the area which could include plant removal, monitoring and planting
  • General Trail Care
    • Maintain clear walking trails by removing obstructions and occasionally cutting back vegetation
    • Pick up trash!

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