Our premier project is the biennial Prescott Garden Tour.  We arrange for the public to view a small number of local gardens in the area.  Circumstances surrounding Covid-19 interfered with our ability to carry this out in 2020. Our hope is  to open up five gardens in 2022. Watch this space.



The club executes small landscape designs and plantings in public spaces: museums, hospitals, schools, and parks. Successful projects include collaborating with Yavapai Medical Center to design and plant a Healing Garden, pruning inside the Yavapai College Sculpture Garden, mulching the Smoki Museum grounds, and cleaning up and installing fresh flowering plants in planters at Good Samaritan Nursing Home.   

Habitat for Humanity

When new homeowners first occupy a new Habitat for Humanity home, the club meets with them to help them choose plants that thrive locally and satisfy the horticultural and decorative needs of the new owners.  We oversee planting to make sure things get off to a good start. 

Garden of the Month

Good gardening is contageous, so we honor good gardens and their gardeners a few times each year. The program includes a write-up of the garden which is published in the local paper and a few posters hung in garden centers.  If you know of any gardens or gardeners deserving of recognition, please contact us.

Youth Outreach

The idea that gardening is a vital activity connecting ourselves with each other and with our environment is one that we work to propagate.  In schools we demonstrate gardening activities and develop enthusiasm.  When there are regional or national programs around writing or photographing gardens, we participate. A local student won a national garden club poetry award in 2012.