Fourth of July Parade

The AVGC Fourth of July float included not only flowers, but also javelina, deer and bunnies munching on the garden. Snakes and lizards, along with a coyote and quail family represented the wildlife of our highland environment. The rocks were created out of plaster cloth placed on rocks in Christine and Dianne’s gardens. Christine painted them to look …

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Gardeners interested in topiary practice an ancient art dating back to Roman times. By selecting an evergreen with small leaves or needles and dense foliage, the gardener’s shears transform plants into geometric or other recognizable forms. Some Japanese gardeners prune forms into cloud shapes. The selection of boxwood traditionally created pottages, mazes, spheres and hedges …

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Rose Resources

From Emily Lane’s All about Roses presentation in April, this is a list of resources, online and local. It includes contact info for the local county extension service.