June Minutes 2021

Alta Vista Garden Club

Business Meeting Minutes

June 22nd 2021

Call to Order:  by Stephen Brubaker at 1:00 pm.

Meeting Minutes:  Unanimous approval of meeting minutes for April and May.

Guests: None

The new recording secretary is Kathy Gean.

Old Business

Amendment I; Article X Changing posting requirements to be newsletter, website or email. Motion to accept made by Dianne Murphy, Passed unanimously

Amendment II, Article III; making it a requirement to be active in 2 committees. Motion to accept made by Diane Benjamin, Passed unanimously.

Robin Borok gave an update on the Garden Tour. It’s on track with a full line-up.

Julie Lessard and Dianne Murphy gave their update on the parade float. The theme is: ”Determined Western Gardeners,” complete with all the little nasties that gardeners deal with.

Stephen Brubaker discussed our new venue at the Prescott Library on Marina. There is limited parking so it was suggested we form carpools that meet in the parking lot of Sprouts and carpool to Marina St.

We will limit refreshments to water only until we know what will be allowed in the room.

Stephen thanked Donna and Cynthe for completing the yearbook and Karen for arranging for its distribution. Stephen will send out email to collect and distribute final corrections to yearbook to come out next year.

Garden Gertie: Holly Bosch  discussed the 12 best uses of epsom salts in the garden. This entire presentation will be posted on the website.

Penny Pines: Linda Smith informed us that $81.16 was collected at the Spring fling and $68.00 was given to Karen to deposit for the next Honorarium leaving a balance of $66.33.

New Business

It was decided that future programs would not be included in the yearbook.  Speakers found it scheduled too far out.  The information on the next three months out would be put out on the website.

A number of printable forms are available on the website under membership, such as reimbursement forms, membership signups and potluck signups.

Northern district meetings: Our chapter is required to host this year’s Northern district meeting. It has already been budgeted for and it was suggested we invite other local clubs. The Phippen Museum was suggested as a possible site.

Adjournment:  2:00pm

Speaker Betty Loos, a master gardener, gave a slide presentation regarding Landscape and Pollinator Wildflowers for our area.  Meeting adjourned at 3:00.