July Minutes 2021

Alta Vista Club Meeting July 27, 2021

(via Zoom)

Call to Order:  Stephen Brubaker, President, called the meeting to order at 1:04 pm.

Approval of Minutes:  The minutes of the June meeting require some changes.  Jane Lovely and Marci Sorrell are new members rather than guests.  Penny Pines wording should indicate $68 was given to the Assistant Treasurer for deposit for the next honorarium.

Roll Call:  No roll call was taken.  Twenty-three members were in attendance.

Guests:  We were pleased that Miriam Carlson Meyer attended the meeting.

Birthdays:  Wishes for a very Happy July Birthday to Ruth Lysak, Nicki Elms and Christine Robinson.

Refreshment Coordinator:  N/A


Corresponding Secretary: No report.

Treasurer:  In order to stream line the meeting, the Treasurers Report will not be read to the group.  Since the club members are emailed the monthly report before the meeting, the members will be asked during the meeting if there are any issues to be discussed.  No one commented on the June Treasurers Report.

50/50 and Purple Box Raffles:  Diane Shipman conducted the Purple Box drawing.  The winner was Donna Meyer.

Penny Pines:  Linda Smith reported that as of June 27, 2021, Penny Pines had $68.33 on hand.  A generous donation of $20.00 was received so that a check for the next Penny Pines honorarium was sent on July 10th to the Treasurer.  Balance on hand is now $18.33.

Garden Gertie:  Robin Borok gave the Garden Gertie. The topic included using liquid deer and animal repellent and that when using the product the leaves of the plant should be saturated.  Robin also presented some historical data which indicated that AVGC landscaped an area of the airport in the 1960’s, contributed to the Sharlot Hall gazebo in the 1970’s and landscaped an area at Yavapai College in the 1980’s.

Garden Tour Update:  Robin Borok indicated that at this time the gardens have been chosen and photographed.  Program and Publicity committees will meet in October to start their activities.  Sign up or changes to committees should be completed by August.

Gardeners Day Out:  The next Gardeners Day Out will be at Robin’s house and will be a mosaic class and lunch.  The class will be at 9 am on August 19th.  The attendees will make a picture frame or garden tile.   A $5 donation is requested.

Old Business

Parade Float:  Stephen presented a 2021 AVGC Parade Float Movie put together by Holly Bosch with pictures from the event.

August club meeting:  The August club meeting will be held at the Prescott Library on Marina Street.

Web page:  July, August and September Program announcements have been down loaded to the AVGC web page.

Regional Meeting:  AVGC will decline to host a regional meeting for 2021 if they are asked as it is too late in the year to coordinate the event.

New Business

Parking for August Meeting:  Parking at the library will be limited so members should consider other options than parking at the library.  Stephen suggested four options that include park along the street and walk to the library, a group lunch and car pool to the library, car pooling with friends, and parking at the Sprouts parking lot and then carpooling from that location.  Holly Bosch will send out an email in early August to help coordinate transportation.


Master Gardeners Presentation:  Leslie Alward with Master Gardeners is presenting on native plants on July 28th at 6:30 pm.

Other:  Our speaker, Marion Johnston presented “All Things Beans”.

Adjournment:  Meeting was not formally adjourned.

Respectfully submitted, Holly Bosch