March Minutes 2021

Alta Vista Club Meeting March 23, 2021

(via Zoom)

Call to Order: Nicki Elms, President, called the meeting to order at 1:04 PM.

Approval of Minutes:  The minutes of the February meeting were approved as presented.

Roll Call:  No roll call was taken.  Approximately 25 members were in attendance.

Guests: We were pleased that there were four guests present: Suze Whalen, Victoria Gassett, Marci Sorrell, and Peggy Hawman.

Birthdays: Wishes for a very Happy April Birthday to Renie Collier and Cynthe Brush and Randy Odom.

Refreshment Coordinator:  N/A


Corresponding Secretary: Toni Ristich reported that she sent a get well card to Vicki Hughes.  She also received letters from Ann Baugh and Lauren Newington requesting a change from active membership to associate membership.  A letter was also received from Kathy Madeda saying that she is moving to Phoenix and will be leaving the club.  Toni also mentioned that her supply of cards and stationary is getting low.  She would appreciate members contributing these items.

Treasurer:  Karen Crossley reported finances as of February 28, 2021: Checking balance, $1,933.48: Savings balance, $13,388.63:  Total balance $15,322.11.

50/50 and Purple Box Raffles:  Diane Shipman conducted the Purple Box drawing.  The winner was Ann Baugh.

Penny Pines:  Linda Smith reported that $41.00 was contributed this past month.  That amount added to the previous balance of $11.17 cents brings the new total to $52.17.  Linda again encouraged members to make contributions. Linda also noted that Dianne Murphy made a contribution of $68 in honor of all Covid-19 victims. Nicki announced that a Penny Pines Honorarium has been received for Herdis Maclellan and Dianne Moyer (both former presidents of the club).

Garden Gertie:  Karen Crossley gave Garden Gertie tips on getting orchids to bloom.  Secret is spraying roots and leaves with Miracle Grow Orchid Food about every two weeks.   Karen also mentioned that she needs members to sign up for Garden Gertie for the new year which starts June 1.

Old Business:

Committee Sign-ups:

Karen reported that the committee sign ups were going well but we still need chairs for Gardener’s Day Out and Garden of Merit committees  With Vicki Hughes’ illness the newsletter, website and yearbook will also need assistance.

Spring Fling:

Steve reported that the Lake View Ramada at Goldwater Park has been reserved for our event, which is scheduled for May 25.   We have made a deposit and pre-paid the parking.  Montana BBQ will cater the food.  The menu will consist of pulled pork, mac and cheese (and maybe potato salad) and grilled veggies.  Heaters will be provided if the weather turns cold that week.  Chris Robinson is working on the table décor.  It will be a wonderful celebration of spring and an opportunity to be together (at last).


Karen  talked about the second presentation of the budget for the new year.  It will be voted on at the next club meeting.  The annual dues (for 2021-2022) of $33 should be sent to Karen as soon as possible.


Karen reported that there is a table on the website that lists the books that are available to club members.  Karen will be giving the books to the new librarian, Barbie Zingg.  An idea was also discussed of posting reviews of garden books on our website and possibly in the Newsletter.

New Business:

Beautification Committee:  Carol Westfall reported that members will be pruning the roses at Yavapai Sculpture Garden tomorrow, March 24.  Members will gather at the garden at 9:00 AM and will work until noon if needed.  All members are welcome.

Program Committee: Julie Lessard reported that she had a program committee meeting via zoom yesterday.  She is very pleased with the programs that are planned.

Nominating Committee:  We still do not have a candidate for the Vice President position.  This is critical to the continuance of the club.  All members are asked to consider volunteering for this needed position.

Changes to Bylaws: The Bylaw change regarding membership types was available for second review and comments.  Steve talked about a second proposed change to the Bylaws regarding Amendments (Article X).   This discussion is considered the “first presentation” of this change.

The new wording is as follows:

“These Bylaws may be amended at any regular meeting by 2/3 of the membership present and eligible to vote provided that any proposed amendment be written, published and available for inspection by members in at least one formnewsletter, website or email to members-for at least two meetings prior to the vote.”

This change is needed to reflect how we currently communicate as well as the change in the publication cycle of the newsletter. 

Associate Members:

Nicki announced that two members, Ann Baugh and Lauren Newington, have applied for a change from active member to associate member.  Both members fulfill all the requirements of associate membership and the request was approved by the board.  Membership approved the requests via zoom vote.


Mary Ann Mira gave a summary of a donation request that she received from Molly Beverly at Slow Food.  They are looking for financial support for a one-on-one mentoring program for new vegetable gardeners in Yavapai county.  Diane is a mentor of this program and supports the request. The amount of $1,000 could possibly be contributed from the Community Discretionary Fund.  The next steps in approval of this request are: (1)  Board review and approval of the funds (and identifying the best source of the funds) and (2) email to members  that summarizes all relevant information and asking for their approval.


Garage Sale:

Dianne Murphy announced that Timber Ridge is having their neighborhood garage sale on May 7 and 8.  In the past Alta Vista has participated as a fund raiser for the club.  Dianne is again willing to hold the sale at her home if members are willing to contribute items and help the day of the sale.  Dianne will send an email to members asking them about these questions.


Kathy Madeda is moving to Phoenix.  Robyn Grant is still in San Francisco waiting for a flight to Australia.

Adjournment:  Meeting was adjourned at 2:36 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Diane Benjamin, Recording Secretary