February Minutes 2021

Alta Vista Club Meeting February 23, 2021

(via Zoom)

Call to Order: Nicki Elms, President, called the meeting to order at 1:01 PM.

Approval of Minutes:  The minutes of the January meeting were approved by membership.

Roll Call:  Karen conducted a roll call.  There were 20 members present at the time of the roll call.

Guests: N/A

Birthdays: Wishes for a very Happy March Birthday to Dianne Murphy and Lauren Newington.

Refreshment Coordinator:  N/A


Corresponding Secretary: Toni reported that she sent a note of congratulations to former member Doug Arthur.  He just successfully completed the qualifications for the designation of “Arizona Certified Nursery Professional”.

Treasurer:  Karen Crossley reported finances as of January 31, 2021: Checking balance, $2011.48: Savings balance, $13,388.12:  Total balance $15,399.60.

50/50 and Purple Box Raffles:  Diane Shipman conducted the Purple Box drawing.  The winner was Carol Westfall.

Penny Pines:  Linda Smith reported that $11 was contributed this past month.  That amount added to the previous balance of .17 cents brings the new total to $11.17.  Linda again encouraged members to make contributions.

Garden Gertie:  There was no Garden Gertie this month.

Old Business: 

Karen Crossley gave a report on the status of committee sign-ups for the 2021-2022 year.  The Habitant Committee is full.  All the other committees still have openings.  Karen is coordinating sign-ups for both committee positions and Garden Gertie.  Please contact her via email, text or telephone and let her know your choices.

New Business:

Nominating Committee:  Ann Baugh reported that the position of  Recording Secretary has been filled by Kathy Morgan.  The critical position of Vice President has not yet been filled.  Several Past Presidents spoke about the need to fill this position and the wonderful support this position always has from other members.  Toni mentioned that a Co-VP (2 people filling the position) was also an alternative.  Please contact Ann, Julie or Karen to volunteer for this position or get additional information. 

Yearbook:   Karen asked everyone to look at their information in the yearbook to verify its accuracy.  Karen, Steve and Donna are working on the revisions.  Contact Donna with any changes/corrections.

Program Committee: Herdis announced that whoever becomes the chair of the program committee for next year will have an easy job.  She has already secured speakers for many of the meetings.  Julie volunteered to Chair the committee.  Nicki, Karen and Herdis will be members of the committee.

Guests at our Zoom meetings:  Barbie, Chair of membership, will begin inviting potential members to participate in our monthly zoom meetings.  This will give new people an opportunity to get to know the club now instead of waiting until we have in-person meetings again.  Another suggestion was made to have members invite other club members to share the zoom experience with them.  This would allow members who are not comfortable with the technology to participate.

Garden Tour: Robin reported that Cheryl has agreed to be Co-Chair of the 2022 Garden Tour.

New Budget:  Karen talked about the fact that there were very few changes to the new budget.  We didn’t make any money and we didn’t spend very much either.  One change was made to divert $300 of the discretionary fund to business expense to cover the cost of Zoom.  Karen will send out an updated budget via email.

Other Budget: Karen mentioned that we will need to ask for a small donation from members to fund the Spring Fling.  Members were asked to send the $33 in annual dues directly to Karen.  These are the dues for the period of June 1, 2021 through May 31, 2022. 

Changes to Bylaws: Steve talked about proposed changes to the club bylaws regarding member responsibility for committee participation.   The change would make official what we have been practicing for some time.

The new wording is as follows:

As Passed by the board…


Section 1:   Membership Classes

Membership is divided into three (3) classifications: Active, Associate, and Honorary.

Active Members: Active members will show an interest in some form of gardening and participate in the activities of the The Club. Unless excused, active members are expected to attend eight meetings a year. The membership committee takes roll at meetings. A member planning to be absent will notify a membership committee member prior to the meeting in order to be excused. Active members are also expected to sign up for and actively participate in two or more committees/positions each year. 

Associate Members: Associate members may participate on a less active basis in the activities of the The Club.  A member may become an Associate Member by making a written request to the Executive Board through the Corresponding Secretary.  If approved by the Board, the request will be presented to The Club and will require a two thirds (2/3) vote of the members present. To qualify for this category, the member must have been an Active Member, in good standing, for five (5) years prior to the application for Associate membership.  Associates will attend at least three (3) meetings per year. Associate Members may not hold office. 

Honorary Members: A member may become an Honorary Member by a unanimous vote of the Active and Associate members present at a regular club meeting.  An Honorary Member is exempt from club duties, pays no dues, has no vote, and holds no office. 

This change will be printed in the Newsletter and presented again at the March meeting.  There was some discussion regarding a change in the procedure since our newsletter is now published quarterly instead of monthly.  Donna suggested that we  change the wording in the Bylaws to two “communications” (not necessarily meetings).  Robin shared that this is an unusual time and email notification should be accepted as a ” communication”.  Strictly interpreted the change should be printed in the April Newsletter and the final vote would not be able to be made until June.  The requirement to publish the change in the Newsletter may have to be eliminated completely.  This issue will be taken up by the board at the next meeting.

Announcements: Congrats to Ruth Lysak who was named volunteer of the year at the Museum of Indigenous People.   Lauren Newington has requested associate member status (although Toni has not received an official request).  This will be voted on at the next  meeting.  If this is approved, we will have 4 associate members.  The maximum number allowed is five.  Karen has garden books and Steve has listed them on the club website. Members are invited to look at the list and let Karen know if you want to see the actual book.  She will make arrangements to get it to you.  Cynthe will send information to membership regarding a rose pruning presentation by a Master Gardener.  Ruth asked if we are pruning the roses at Yavapai College this year.  Carol was not sure but will check.  Robin mentioned that she has had a good response to the Willow Lake walk which is scheduled for February 24.

Adjournment:  Meeting was adjourned at 2:30 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Diane Benjamin, Recording Secretar