January Minutes 2021

Alta Vista Club Meeting January 26, 2021

(via Zoom)

Call to Order: Nicki Elms, President, called the meeting to order at 1:05 PM.

Approval of Minutes:  The minutes of the October 2020 meeting will be sent to all members for their review and approval. The minutes were subsequently sent to members via email and approved.

Roll Call:  N/A.  There was no formal Roll Call, but about 25 members participated via their electronic devices.

Guests: N/A

Birthdays: Happy February birthday wishes to Debbie Mathern and Meta Carrle.

Refreshment Coordinator:  N/A


Corresponding Secretary: Toni reported that a letter of resignation was received from Kathy Madeda.

Treasurer:  Karen Crossley reported finances as of December 31, 2020: Checking balance, $2,041.48: Savings balance, $13,387.59:  Total balance $15,429.07.

50/50 and Purple Box Raffles:  Diane Shipman conducted the Purple Box drawing.  The winner was Diane Benjamin.

Penny Pines:  Linda Smith reported that $68 was sent in November and $68 was sent in December leaving 17 cents as the current balance.  Linda encouraged members to make contributions.

Garden Gertie:  Nicki shared a tip on propagating succulents in a banana. 

Old Business: 

Spring Fling:  Steve gave an overview of the planned spring event which will be held on May 25, 2021.   It was originally thought the event would be a potluck.  After consideration of the possible venue alternatives, we will now have at least a portion of the meal catered.  We are looking at possible caterers.  If you have a recommendation,  please let Steve or Julie Lessard know.  The committee is also working on a specific  plan for the best (and safest) way to serve the food.  Chris Robinson has agreed to manage the decorations for the event.    Holly Bosch discussed the two primary locations being considered, Goldwater Lake or Thumb Butte Park.  Ann and Holly will go see Thumb Butte and make the final decision.  The question of allowing alcoholic beverages was discussed.  That will depend on the venue and what they allow.  Karen reported that the amount budgeted for the December 2020 Christmas party would be used to pay (or partially) pay for the Spring event.  $380 dollars was paid by the club for the Christmas party.  The balance of the expense was paid by members who attended ($20 each).  It has not been decided whether the club would pay for the entire party expense.  One additional expense might be heaters if the weather in May requires it.  Linda Smith asked if there were going to be any sign-ups for food.  Steve stated that we don’t know yet but he will let Linda know.  Linda recommended that members be responsible for drinks and dessert.  

Further discussion of the event cost followed.  Cheryl Booth felt that since this event will be the first-time club members have been together in over a year that the club should pay for the entire event.  Renee agreed that it would be good for morale.  Karen pointed out that we haven’t had any income this past year.  Julie asked to combine the Christmas party budget with the installation budget for this new event.  Since the installation has been a potluck event the only expense has been the gift for the state official and the gift for the outgoing president.  Linda Smith pointed out that the refreshment committee has a budget of $50 that has not been utilized.  Julie would like some leeway in the expenses, perhaps use discretionary funds.

Other:  Vicky Hughes asked for volunteers to help with the Quarterly Newsletter.  Mary Ann Mira volunteered to help.  Steve suggested that we resume “member spotlight” feature.  The complication is that the interviewer usually went to the member’s garden.  Mary Ann stated that she was happy to do bird articles or interviews (probably via telephone), she will follow up with Vicki.  

New Business:

Nominating Committee:  Ann Baugh reported that the position of Vice President and Recording Secretary were open.   We need members to participate to keep the club going.  Please be responsive when Ann calls.


Committee signups :  Karen Crossley will send out an email requesting sign-ups for next year.   Please think about what you would like to do this year.  Ruth suggested that we just have everyone stay with the same commitments.  It was decided that with club turn over and positions changing it would be worthwhile to have people select which positions they would prefer.  

Yearbook:   Steve announced that the club will not publish a yearbook this year.  An “insert”, with club member changes,  will be distributed to members   This decision was a combination of not having any new members to add and also not having any committee members to work on this project.  Steve would like someone to take over this responsibility for next year.  He noted that there is no requirement for a specific format.  Steve will be happy to help.  The main effort would be to update any changes (eg address, telephone, etc).

Garden Tour: Robin reported that the next garden tour will be June 4 and 5, 2022( these are still tentative dates).  Robin needs a co-chair for this event.  The process of contacting owners of the possible gardens needs to start.  This includes gardens from the 2020 cancelled tour and potential new gardens.  These contacts should start in April.   Robin is hopeful that the committee members for 2020 will stay in place for the 2022 tour.  We are actually right on time with planning.  Contact gardeners in April, take photos in June.  Cheryl (former co-chair) said she will help if there is no one else for the co-chair position.

Announcements: Nicki announced that club members have voted to make Kathy Madena an Honoray Member.  This is in recognition of Kathy’s many contributions to the club during her years of being a member.

Adjournment:  Meeting was adjourned at 2:12 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Diane Benjamin, Recording Secretary