October Minutes 2020

Alta Vista Club Meeting October 27, 2020 

(via Zoom)

Call to Order: Nicki Elms, President, called the meeting to order at 1:04 PM.

Approval of Minutes:  The minutes were approved as submitted.

Roll Call:  N/A.  There was no formal Roll Call, but about 15 members participated via their electronic devices.

Guests: N/A

Birthdays: Happy November birthday wishes to Robyn Grant, Kathy Madeda, Toni Ristich and Kathy Morgan.  Also January birthday wishes to Francis Martinez and Julie Lessard.

Refreshment Coordinator:  N/A


Corresponding Secretary: Toni Ristich reported that a letter of resignation was received from Robyn Grant, she is moving to Australia.

Treasurer:  Karen Crossley was not at the meeting.  Holly Bosch reported finances as of September 30, 2020: Checking balance, $1,905.48: Savings balance, $13,386.45:  Total balance $15,291.93.

50/50 and Purple Box Raffles:   N/A

Penny Pines:  Linda Smith reported that $42.01 was received at the outdoor GDO on October 14.  There was $26.16 in the fund before that, so the new total was $68.17.  That will fund a new Penny Pines contribution of $68, leaving a .17 cents balance.  It was also announced that Karen received a direct contribution of $5.00, bringing the balance on hand up to $15.17.

Garden Gertie:  Mary Ann Mira shared information about keeping potted plants healthy by periodically submerging them in water. 

Old Business: None

New Business:

Spring Fling:  Nicki asked members what type of event they would like to see the club have in the spring.  Several ideas were put forward including a gathering in a member’s back yard, having it at the Highland Center, the Grand Hotel (downtown), or the Wedding Chapel outdoor picnic area (downtown).  The idea of Christmas in July (or April) was mentioned.  We also briefly talked about using the funds we would have spent on the Christmas party for this event.  Perhaps in lieu of a potluck, have it catered by “Goods From The Garden”?  Nicki requested that members e-mail ideas to her.

Replacements for Robyn’s responsibilities:

Robyn is the Chair of the Beautification Committee.  Nicki will poll the current members of this committee and request ideas for her replacement. Robyn is also club librarian. Nicki noted that it is a tough job bringing the books to meetings.  Perhaps we can bring only some of the books.  Stephen recommended that members go to the website and request a book to be brought to a meeting.  New additions to the library would be added to the website.

Announcements: None

Adjournment:  Meeting was adjourned at 1:35 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Diane Benjamin, Recording Secretary