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Why do we donate? What is Penny Pines? Where did Penny Pines Start? What’s the History of this donation?

Penny Pines began in California in 1941.  The initial sponsorship was from the San Francisco Sportswomen’s Association and later, the school children of the San Mateo County Schools.  The first contributions were put to use for reforestation on the Shasta-Trinity National Forests in northern California.  Back in 1941, the $68.00 cost was for ten acres of seedlings.  In 1964, the original agreement with the National Parks and the California Garden Clubs sponsoring Penny Pines was rewritten to ensure the funds provide reforestation, rather than the purchase of seedlings only. 

Today, the Forest Service as always does the planting, using our donation of $68.00, plus Federal funds.  Contributing $68.00 to a Penny Pine plantation as part of the costs of replanting replacement and/or trees indigenous (Not Just Pine Trees) to a particular damaged area, whether by fire or by other natural catastrophe.  The $68.00 covers the cost of purchasing the seedlings and many donations of $68.00 then plants an acre of trees.  Specifically, to a particular area of the National Forest that was damaged by fire or insect invasion.  Funds come from Garden Clubs across America.  We can specify a particular National Forest for our donation to benefit. 

State regions, districts, clubs, and/or individuals may participate in this program by donating in multiples of $68.  A $68 donation may be made in honor or in memory of ONE individual, organization, or theme and the National Forest where the seedling are to be planted can be specified.

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