Garden Tour 2020 – January Update

Preparations for the tour are proceding quickly thanks to dedicated work by our members.

Dede Erceg, Carol Westfall, and many others have been busily canvassing the Prescott community for sponsors for the Garden tour. Meanwhile, Cynthe Brush has designed the tickets and is working on program design with Vicki Hughes. Doug Arthur is managing all the printing processes and the tickets are printed. He is also busy interacting with the sponsors to get their ads “camera ready.” Stephen Brubaker has set up the new website with a functioning commerce page linked to PayPal which will be posted when tickets go on sale at the beginning of April.

Appearing in Prescott Woman magazine will be an article about the tour written by Carol Westfall with photos of the five gardens taken by Cynthe and Stephen.

Meanwhile, the publicity group works busily to find sponsors to place in the program, which Cynthe is designing. Now, if we could only convince the weather and the local wildlife to conspire to create healthy plants with beautiful flowers and viewing conditions…